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Developing global Adobe Magento digital Commerce solutions for more than a decade, we have more than 200 clients spread all over the world. Our main focus is to provide premium B2B/B2C eCommerce platforms, with integrated shipping, payment, accounting, ERP and CRM. 



Combine know-how, experience, best design of a top digital agency, deep technology driven developers, e-Business specialised consultants and long-term Toogas expertise with your online business.


Magento provides a robust base for your solution. The visual and functionality of the software can completely be customised to suit your business needs.


With a successful eCommerce presence, there are initiatives to evolve with the implementation of new Magento modules and extensions, new languages, new sales currencies, new product types and upgrades to new Adobe Magento versions.


Omnichannel purchasing experience, ultra-fast catalog search, interconnection with Marketplaces, document dematerialisation, sales-flow automation, anti-fraud systems for payment gateway with machine learning and AI.


Toogas is an innovative market leader, providing Adobe Magento stores, Adobe Magento themes, templates, extensions and custom web developments. From WordPress frontends to CRM based newsletters, from SMS messaging to loyalty card solutions, your brand and products will profit from Toogas cutting edge technologies.


Search engines are always changing their algorithms. At Toogas we keep the pace with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) latest technologies and strategies to give you the better ranking. We strive to implement the best structure so that your website is available to the highest number of users and generates more leads.

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