Specialists in development, integration, and implementation of ecommerce solutions

Toogas offers integrated ecommerce solutions with a focus on national and international markets, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C, with profitability metrics, in certified environments of maximum security, delivered within the defined timeframe and quality assurance. It provides advisory and evolutionary support for investment optimization, user experience, and continuous sales growth.

Toogas’ clients can rely on a cohesive and experienced team capable of guiding them through the global ecommerce landscape, focusing on generating exponential growth for their businesses.

Online Store Development

Ecommerce projects, including digital transformation strategy, requirements definition, design, prototyping, development, implementation, integration with other platforms, hosting, training, support, and maintenance. Toogas offers turnkey ecommerce solutions tailored to diverse sectors and the most complex business rules.

The ecommerce solutions developed by Toogas are based on the most technologically advanced platforms in terms of functionality, security, robustness, and scalability, namely Magento, Adobe Commerce, and BigCommerce Enterprise.

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Ecommerce integrations

The integration of the ecommerce platform is defined according to the needs of the business model. Businesses can achieve perfect omnichannel capability through the integration of ecommerce platforms with management tools (ERP, CRM, OMS, WMS, PIM), sales, marketing, financial, and logistics tools, external to the online environment, allowing for high-efficiency and effective document dematerialization and process automation to maximize profitability. The versatility of the solutions implemented by Toogas makes it possible to integrate with a large number of third-party platforms and IT systems, ensuring the fluidity and quality of information.

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Replatforming & Ecommerce platform migration

Migrating ecommerce platforms is a complex and sensitive process for online businesses. With over fifteen years of experience, Toogas understands the challenges and anticipates needs to avoid problems associated with such operations, such as data loss, service unavailability, and business interruption. The methodology advocated by Toogas promotes a safe migration, preserving data integrity and business continuity.

Ecommerce consultancy

Toogas leverages its vast experience for its clients’ projects. It offers excellence in design and user experience, characteristic of a top digital agency, combined with the competence of certified developers and specialized ecommerce consultancy for B2C and B2B, providing personalized and innovative solutions that drive growth, operational efficiency, and business profitability.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a driving force for online businesses. Toogas offers customized solutions aligned with its clients’ specific business goals, whether to increase sales, improve online presence, or strengthen brand image. Toogas works closely with its clients for measurable and sustainable growth of their ecommerce projects, both short and long-term.

Ecommerce is an integral part of Toogas’ daily operations, making it a digital marketing partner with a holistic view of electronic commerce, capable of understanding its functioning and adapting strategies to business challenges and objectives.

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Evolutionary support

Toogas positions itself as a strategic partner for its clients throughout the lifecycle of their products and projects. It offers maintenance and evolutionary support for solutions, focusing on investment optimization, user experience, and continuous sales growth.

After project launch, Toogas provides collaborative models of hourly packages and maintenance contracts that ensure fast and effective assistance for all continuous improvement needs, new developments, implementation of new features, or international expansion.