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The business-to-business (B2B) aspect of ecommerce is more relevant than ever in the global economy. It’s a business model with high potential, allowing companies to break down physical barriers and establish a presence in international markets through digital channels.

However, there are inherent challenges in this business model that make the implementation of B2B ecommerce more complex than that of B2C e-commerce. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, it is imperative to choose a comprehensive, scalable B2B ecommerce solution with the versatility to adapt to the most specific business rules so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that the digital market offers.

B2B Ecommerce Experts

Modernize the way you do business

B2B ecommerce enhances business competitiveness. In this model, transactions and commercial interactions occur between businesses, creating a complex network that fuels the global value chain. It is in this context that B2B ecommerce platforms and solutions play an essential role, serving as catalysts for efficiency, innovation, and growth.

With nearly two decades of experience, Toogas is at the forefront of this transformation, providing ecommerce solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

The buying experience is crucial in B2B

Fewer clicks, more transactions

  • 90% of B2B buyers expect to have a B2B online store shopping experience similar to a B2C online store.
  • 78% of B2B buyers would like their suppliers to offer a better mobile device experience.
  • 60% of B2B buyers state that the loading speed of the online store was a deterrent factor for making online purchases.

(BigCommerce 2021 survey with Profitwell on B2B merchants)

All-in-one B2B platform

Business customer profile

Defining profiles for business customers with specific commercial terms, such as payment methods, shipping methods, discounts, locations, and employee accounts, among others. Approval of new users/customers.

Advanced user management

Creating users for each business customer with different permission levels based on their role within the organization (employees, sales representatives, agents, customers, among others)

Price lists and discounts

Differentiating prices by customer groups. Defining selling prices and discount rules for each business customer.

Customer-specific catalogs

Rules for product and category visibility applicable to customer groups or individual customers. Visibility or hiding of catalogs for non-authenticated users (guests).

Quick order

Facilitated addition to the shopping cart through different methods such as the ‘Add to Cart’ button in search results, input in a table, or file import. Allows for adding multiple products to the cart simultaneously.


Boost recurring sales by simplifying the process of creating new orders based on previous purchases.


Request for quotations from the shopping cart. The negotiation process can take place entirely on the platform, allowing the management of items, quantities, and discounts until an agreement is reached.

Order approval

Definition of purchase approval rules. Orders are automatically created as purchase orders and must be validated by users with authorization.

Multiple shopping carts

Having multiple shopping carts facilitates product organization and purchasing management. B2B customers can, for example, prepare different shopping carts for different product types, projects, or departments.

Content personalization

Presentation of different content (text blocks, banners, etc.) by customer or customer groups. Recommendation of relevant products for the customer using business rules and machine learning algorithms.

B2B marketing

Advanced marketing features such as specific B2B loyalty and reward programs, automatic product recommendations using artificial intelligence, and augmented reality products, among others.


Expand your business to different markets, selling to various countries in multiple currencies, with content in various localized languages.

Multiple business models

Consolidate online business into a single platform, allowing different sales modalities on the same website (B2C, B2B, B2B2C, D2C, among others).


Management of multiple brands (individuals and legal entities) on a single platform, providing the same shopping experience for all customers across all businesses.

Systems integrations

Achieve omnichannel capabilities by integrating your B2B ecommerce with ERP platforms, logistics and carriers, online payment systems, online marketing, and social media.

The integration of ecommerce platforms with ERP is defined on a case-by-case basis according to business requirements. We integrate with the most advanced ERP solutions in the market, including Akeneo, SAP, PHC, Sage, Cegid Primavera, and Odoo, among others.

Logistics integration with the ecommerce platform allows tracking the order from preparation to delivery to the customer, ensuring real-time order status updates in the customer area in a fully automated manner.

In addition to the usual B2B payment methods, the ecommerce platform should allow the integration of the checkout process with a wide range of payment gateways, such as credit card payments, PayPal, Easypay, IfThenPay, SIBS, REDUNICRE, HiPay, Adyen, Apple Pay, among others.

The ecommerce platform should provide access to the best marketing and analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Business Intelligence, as well as other types of platforms including marketing automation, social media, email marketing, and customer review systems, among others. It should be flexible enough to allow native integration or third-party integration when native integration is not available.

We are specialists in B2C and B2B ecommerce. We develop online stores integrated with ERP, CRM, OMS, transport systems, logistics, online payment systems, digital marketing and other platforms.

Excellence in ecommerce solutions

We provide development, implementation, maintenance and consulting services of Adobe Magento ecommerce platform. Our extended service catalog includes: Ecommerce Integrations, Web Design, Online Stores Development, Platform Migration, Optimization, Support, Online Marketing and Mobile App Development.

Our clients can rely on a cohesive and experienced team, able to guide them in the global eCommerce environment with focus on driving exponential growth to their business.


Grow your B2B online business with a feature-rich and scalable B2B ecommerce platform

B2B Ecommerce is on the rise

Business-to-business ecommerce

Currently, about half of B2B purchases are made online (1), and there are predictions that 80% of B2B commercial interactions will take place in digital channels (2).

In addition to the significance of these numbers, B2B transactions benefit from higher order values and recurring purchases. The dynamics of this model have evolved with the increasing integration of technology. The replacement of physical catalogs and purchase orders with B2B online stores has transformed how companies interact and do business with each other.

In B2B ecommerce transactions, user experience is crucial. It is important to recognize the importance of the digital interface, navigability, security, and personalization as key elements. Presenting detailed online catalogs, offering customized options, and ensuring transaction security are essential aspects of B2B ecommerce solutions.

The digitization of B2B is notably evident in buyer behavior. With the rise of millennials in the B2B space, the need for intuitive interfaces, responsive platforms, and personalized solutions is more pressing. In 2021, 60% of B2B buyers were millennials, reflecting a doubling compared to 2012. This data underscores the growing importance of the online space in the B2B universe.

Toogas, with its expertise in ecommerce, is the ideal partner to navigate these complexities. Our solutions are designed to adapt to the specificities of any business model, ensuring that your company is equipped with the tools, technologies, and strategies needed to thrive.

(1) Wunderman Thompson The B2B Future Shopper Report 2023
(2) Gartner Future of Sales 2025 report

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