The Web market and all the surrounding business means a constant challenge to recreate and reinvent the business of our regular customers.


Combine know-how, experience and long-term Toogas expertise with your online business. When you partnership with us your organization will benefit from the best design of a top digital agency, deep technology driven developers and ebusiness specialised econsultants.


We’ve chosen Magento, an open-source platform as our tool for success. More than 240.000 merchants worldwide rely on it. Magento provides a robust basis for our business solutions, and both the look and the functionality of the software can be completely customised to suit your business needs.


So many potential buyers are using social media, search engines, websites and apps to decide on the best product or service to buy next that you need to give your business the right tools to stand out from the competition and be chosen first. Our integrated digital marketing modules will help you generate more leads, more sales and more money.


Search engines are always changing their algorithms. At Toogas we keep the pace with SEO latest technologies and strategies to give you better ranking. We strive to implement the best structure so that your website is available to a higher number of users and generates more leads.


Mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than standard web did in the 90s. With 30% of the sales originating on mobile apps, your business needs to go mobile to win this battle for consumer proximity. Toogas has a team of eager mobile developers that can assist you in planning the ultimate consumer experience app for your online store.


Toogas is a innovative market leading provider of Magento stores, Magento themes and templates, Magento extensions and custom web developments. From wordpress frontends to crm based newsletters, from sms messaging to loyalty card solutions, your brand and products can profit from Toogas cutting edge technologies to boost your business.

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