Magento Extensions

Here you have all the Magento Extensions developed by Toogas. These are the ones that are currently available for all our customers and everyone of the Magento community.

Please have a look at them, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

  1. Points Catalog & Rewards

    Points Catalog & Rewards

    Points Catalog & Rewards is a very flexible extension, giving you multiple paths to incentivize customer spending. For instance, you can even allow customers to use points they will earn with an order on that same order – providing that the order is properly fulfilled. You will also be able to setup engagement campaigns, for instance: Points per Account Creation, Points per Referral, Newsletters subscription, and Product reviews, among others… Learn More

    Regular Price: €179.90

    Special Price: €99.90

  2. Featured Popup

    Featured Popup

    With Featured Popup extension it's possible to define the popups at any site's page you want! With fully customized options at magento's admin just define, for each one of them, the popup type, its dimensions, associated store views and the several optional settings (opacity, priority – in case of more than one popup being called from the same page, start and end dates, start and close delays of the popup window and even an associated link to allow, uppon a mouse clicking, to jump to that specific URL).
    1 License is valid only for 1 domain. Learn More

    Regular Price: €69.99

    Special Price: €49.99

  3. Featured Pop-Up FREE!

    Featured Pop-Up FREE!

    This useful extension allows you to define fully customized Featured Pop-Ups being called from the Homepage! Learn More

    Regular Price: €1.00

    Special Price: €0.00

  4. Toogas Exchange Rates Updater

    Toogas Exchange Rates Updater

    Allows stores to update their exchange rates using other service providers than Magento's default. Learn More

    Regular Price: €10.00

    Special Price: €9.50

  5. Facebook Widgets Collection

    Facebook Widgets Collection

    Add to your shop ANY Facebook's social plugin via widgets magento's module. Learn More

  6. Toogas Enhanced Shop Cart Configurator

    Toogas Enhanced Shop Cart Configurator

    With TOOGAS Customized Shop Cart you will be able to guide your customer through categories and, inside each one, to choose the products he wants. The final order will be the sum of all products customer picked during the process. Learn More

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