Recheio - B2B


Toogas - SquareEasier content management

Toogas -  TargetedTargeted areas by type of customer

Toogas - Location+ 50 sale points

Toogas - Box+ 20.000 products

Toogas - Store & PricingPricing and availability per store and/or customer

Toogas - CustomersPossibility of +200.000 B2B Customers

Toogas - AccountsFunds control and costumers accounts


Magento platform responsible for data

flow and business logic.

Customer login:

– Online products ordering

– Price display

– Financial history

Access to private contents according

to customer segmentation.

Toogas - Security

Different logins with access to online shopping and financial information

Toogas - Customers Sub Accounts

Customers with subaccounts

Toogas - Pick & Collect

Distribution mode selection  (pick&collect or distribution)

Toogas - Shopping Lists

Multiple shopping lists

Toogas - Personalized Customer Area

Personalized customer area


SAP connection component to

import and export data via iDocs.


States management of iDocs

for validation of imported data.

Toogas - WebServices

Integration services via webservice

Toogas - Data Import

Data import via iDocs

Toogas - iDocs

Informations on iDocs state

Toogas - Orders

Sending orders


Management area of institutional

contents and promotional highlights.


Platform that enables the autonomously

management of “Recheio’s” Marketing.

Toogas - Easier Content Management

Easier contents management

Toogas - Recruitment Forms

Recruitment Forms

Toogas - List of Chops and Contacts

List of shops and contacts

Toogas - Featured Products

Featured products


Quick orders creation to optimize

call center tasks.


It allows a quick selection of the customer,

by call center, and to make orders in the

store that is associated, by a set of rules,

hierarchy of products and prices.

Toogas - Platform

Platform developed to  meet your needs

Toogas - Orders Submissions

Quick and easy orders submission


Access to lists of the filtered products according to availability

Toogas - Customers Financial History

Access to customers financial history

Toogas - Store Template Orders

Store template orders by customer

Toogas - Data management in Magento

Data management in Magento