Toogas - Farmácias Portuguesas - B2C


Toogas - Square3000 online pharmacies

Toogas - Dedicated BODedicated BackOffice to each pharmacy

Toogas - BOXTotal of 200 000 products

Toogas - Average10.000 products, on average, per pharmacy

Toogas - Catalog30 Million products in catalog (product / pharmacy)

Toogas - Web ServicesCustomers and users management via ANF web services

toogas-platform-monitoringPlatform monitoring dashboard and support to the contact center

Toogas - E-commerce AppAPPs (iOS, Android ans Windows) integrated with the E-Commerce system

Toogas - MagentoMagento integration with SIFARMA (pharmacy management system)


The solution manages the orders

flow and medications stock, integrated

with the CRM system of ANF and the

SIFARMA solutions of the pharmacies.


Workflow engine between the SIFARMA

and Magento to ensure optimal

response times and customer satisfaction.

Toogas - Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is individualized per pharmacy

Toogas - CNPEM

Reservations via “Código Nacional para a Prescrição Eletrónica de Medicamentos” (CNPEM)

Toogas - Square

Purchase of products (health, wellness and general medication)

Toogas - Reservation

Reservation of medications who need prescription


A platform based on a set of webservices

that ensure communication

and integration between the various systems.

Toogas Catalog Anf

Catalog automatically updated via webservices ANFsi / Magento


APPs don’t have local databases, depending entirely on Magento webservices

Toogas Pharmacies Catalog

Pharmacies catalog automatically updated via webservices SIFARMA / ANFsi /Magento

Toogas - Magento

SIFARMA (pharmacy management system) connected to Magento

Toogas Shopping Cart App

The shopping cart is shared regardless of the support (website / app)


APPs integrated by webservice to Magento, without the need of local databases


Additional modules in self-service

system with approval mechanisms

to distribute responsibilities and

provide autonomy to the

different stakeholders

(pharmacies, manufacturers and ANF).

Toogas - Easier Content Management

Backoffice dedicated to each of the 3000 pharmacies

Toogas Reserved Area

Reserved area to the industry for product information management


Integration with CRM for Customer life cycle management, upsell, cross-sell, retention, and so on

Toogas - Magento

SIFARMA (pharmacy management system) connected to Magento

Toogas - Web Services

Business rules defined by each pharmacy

Toogas - Average

Catalog per pharmacy